Project's Objective & Scope

With backgrounds from prior and on-going projects (see Theoretical background), the proposed project sets the following technical and market objectives:

Technical Objectives:

  • Production of >500 kg of CaO-Al²O³ slag with target properties at Elkem (TRL 7 by end 2021)
  • Production of 50 kg of HPA precursor from CaO-Al²O³ slag at Mytilineos hydrometallurgical pilot plant (TRL7 by end 2022)
  • Production of >10 kg HPA (>4N) with target properties from HPA precursor by SiQAl (TRL 7 by end 2022)
  • Demonstration of successful CO² looping of off-gas from CaCO³ (from hydrometallurgical treatment of slag) calcination (TRL 7 by end 2022)

Market Objectives:

  • First licence to SisAl Technology for production of silicon and SisAl slags sold within 2 years of project end
  • Joint licensing arrangement made between SiQAl and Mytilineos for technology to produce HPA from SisAl slags within 1 year from project end
  • First commercial HPA product produced by SiQAl and Mytilineos within 3 years of project end
  • CO² looping technology for metallurgical applications with CALEF as commercialising actor developed for licensing within 2 years of project end

An initial version of the Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy is already worked out. Customer/user needs have been assessed from a market perspective, leading to distinct value propositions for the identified exploitation opportunities as described under Market Analysis, showing clear added customer value, arising from features and benefits by using our proposed solutions. Initial customers are onboard in the consortium.

The Upscaling project aims to bring customer and technology readiness from level 5 (today) to level 7-8 (end Upscaling project). A vital part of the Upscaling project is to refine the GTM strategy for commercialisation within 3 years after completion of the upscaling project (WP0).

An important element in this respect will be to follow up on identified short-term business cases for the commercialising actors Elkem (Si), SiQAl (HPA) and Mytilineos (HPA), as described under Preliminary business opportunity assessment and innovativeness and at a detailed level in the GTM Strategy, v. 0.1. Financing opportunities for this final stretch will also be actively pursued as a part of the GTM strategy, and promising sources have already been identified.